Are there still any servers that run the unpatched version?


  • Inline2

    From what I can tell none of the servers that are usually up run it

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  • Comrade

    Yes, there are no 5767 servers right now, but it's still supported. However, the unpatched version is quite useless now. First of all, almost all players have only the patched Crysis today. The unpatched version also has some disadvantages. For example, poor modding support because the Mod SDK is not available there. The only advantage is the circle jump bug. I've managed to port the circle jump bug to the patched Crysis and it's planned to be integrated in the future multiplayer client, so the unpatched Crysis will have no advantages at all. By the way, it's not some kind of "cheap" copy of circle jump, like that weird wall jump in Crysis Wars. To sum it up, I think there's no reason to use the unpatched version.

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