Crysis Multiplayer Patch - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start playing the multiplayer?

  1. Buy and install the game from a game store ( / EA / other store of your choice)
  2. If after launcing the game it says on bottom right corner, patch the game to according to the instructions below
  3. Download the multiplayer client launcher
  4. If Install button is gray, locate your game installation folder (folder that contains Game/ and Bin32/ or Bin64/ folder)
  5. Install the client, optionally log-in to your account to collect statistics when playing
  6. Click Play

Is this multiplayer patch for Crysis Remastered?

No, Crysis Remastered is a separate game that has no multiplayer. This patch is related to original Crysis 1 from 2008

When I launch the client, Install button is gray

To install the client, you need to have the game installed in first place as the client doesn't provide game binaries.
If the button is still gray, you might have installed your game in different than usual folder. In that case, please click the URL input field and locate the folder where your game is installed (folder that contains Game/, Bin32/ or Bin64/ folders).

When I open internet game, I see GameSpy login screen

First of all, check whether you are running correct game version, you can do so by looking into bottom right corner, there should be some number like 1.1.5767 or 1.1.6115 or 1.1.6156. The required version to use CryMP client is 6156.
If your game version is 6156 and you still see GameSpy log-in screen, make sure you are launching the game using shortcut generated on the Desktop by installer.
If you don't have any shortcuts on your Desktop, just run installer once again or launch the game with -mod sfwcl argument

I can't see my server on the website!

First of all, make sure you are using some SSM, either SafeWriting or CryFire or even if you don't use any, make sure you modify your CryNetwork.dll and replace all occurences of "" with ""
If now, you don't see your server on website, but can see it inside in-game server list, that means your server is not accessible from public internet. This can be due to your ISP simply blocking it, because you are behind NAT or because you didn't port-forward your server and didn't make firewall rule so given port can be accessed.

I cannot connect any server, my game version is

For some reason, Crytek doesn't provide patch downloads on their website anymore, but you can download them here:
In order for it to work, you must install Patch 1.2 first, and then install Patch 1.2.1

I have AMD CPU and my game is crashing

Make sure you are launching game.exe installed by installer and not Crysis.exe or Crysis64.exe when running the game.

Do I need to register here and how to create an account?

No, you do not need to register in order to play. If you don't register, you will simply be assigned your static profile ID based on your machine hardware ID.
By registering you will gain your own profile ID, so even if you change computer, your stats will still be collected to this account

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